SongPro is a text file format for making chord & lyric lead sheets for songs.


Here’s a partial example of a song in the SongPro format:

@title=Escape Capsule
@artist=Brian Kelly

# Verse 1

Climb a-[D]board [A]
I've been [Bm]waiting for you [F#m]
Climb a-[G]board [D]
You'll be [Asus4]safe in [A7]here

# Chorus 1

[G] I'm a [D]rocket [F#]made for your pro-[Bm]tection
You're [G]safe with me, un-[A]til you leave

When converted into HTML it looks like this:

SongPro Format

A SongPro file can contain Attributes, Sections, Chords, Lyrics and Tablature.


Attributes are added with the format:


You can specify the following song attributes:

They can be placed anywhere in the song but it’s recommended to put them at the top of your file. The values are text that are displayed in the rendered output.


Any line starting with # is considered the beginning of a new section:

# Section Name

Section names are usually things like:

But you can name them however you please.

Lyrics & Chords

Chords are anything contained inside of brackets, such as C#m7. Lyrics are words by themselves or around chords.

You'll be [Asus4]safe in [A7]here


Any line starting with | is considered to be tablature. For example: